Digital Travel Flyou


Accenture built a fully working Personalisation Accelerator for Travel to demonstrate their unique capabilities. This accelerator enables travel companies to begin their personalisation journey at speed and low risk.

To bring this accelerator to life they developed ‘Flyou – The Hyper Relevant Digital Airline’ and held the launch at the Accenture Innovation Hub in Singapore.


Singapore, Accenture Innovation Hub

What We Did

We helped with the conceptual planning of the event from start to finish – working closely with the Accenture team to turn the Innovation Hub into a classy airline business lounge for the launch event.

We brought in stylish and comfortable furniture, decorated the space with plants and posters and also had a free-flow mobile bar with butler served canapés for the night.

All Accenture personnel wore uniforms with specially customised pins and scarves with the iconic Flyou logo and colours, adding the final touch to complete the full airline lounge experience.