DBS Empathy Project


DBS Empathy Project is an internal full-day event made for DBS Bank employees to immerse themselves in DBS customers’ journey.

Bringing like-minded people together within an enclosed space to spark discussion and sharing on improving the customer journey.

Employees are inspired to explore opportunities within the journey. They are also exposed to the upcoming product offerings in this event.


In 2016: Art Science Museum, Singapore

In 2018: Luxe Museum, Singapore

What We Did

For both years, we helped with the curation and management of the whole experience for attendees.

Using the ambience and attributes to be in a museum, we aim to create a similar event experience, which is for attendees to explore freely.

Besides that, we divided and displayed each part of the customer journey using graphics and 3D illustrations to resemble that of an art exhibition. Elements such as a “post-it” wall and photo stations were included to blend in with the exhibition theme as well. There was no restriction on the whole exploration too. Attendees were free to roam and explore in any direction they would like.

To complete the whole experience, refreshments were provided to show our gratitude to the attendees for visiting. At the same time, coupled with a networking opportunity, insights and ideas were shared among employees.